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Golddust Yorkshire Terrier (Голддаст Yorkshire Terriers) and Biro Yorkshire Terrier (Biro Yorkshire Terriers) new, rare, unique breed Yorkshire Terriers. They have fans in many countries.

We have gold and chocolate Yorkies have appeared recently, so for Russia, these rocks are still very young. But they already win the hearts of the new owners.

These rocks cheerful, cheerful and inquisitive. Very calm and gentle, love children. Excellent companions and travellers.

They, in fact, very cute, these tiny shaggy dog. Голддаст Yorkshire Terrier and Biro Yorkshire Terrier will not only bright decoration for your home, but true friends with a wonderful character!

On these pages we will describe dogs, undoubtedly, the most elite species, information about which very little. Interest in Goldust йоркам, Biro йоркам and beaver йоркам, as well as rare mini пуделям is growing every month. About these puppies are dreaming, they looked for. On our website You will find the most comprehensive information about them and, of course, will appreciate the uniqueness of these dogs in the photo gallery. We will help You to choose and buy a puppy in our kennel.